Message from the Academics

12150 Dr Shalini

Assoc Prof Dr Shalini Teresa Fernandez
Associate Professor
Faculty of Social Sciences & Liberal Arts


“We at FOSSLA believe very strongly that it is important for us as humans to explore knowledge and gain competencies and skills that can enhance our quality of life. As such, we are very pleased to offer courses that are intended to enable people to explore and develop more skills that can enrich all aspects of living.”






Prof Dr Ooi Keng Boon
Faculty of Business & Information Science


“Complementary skills are certainly important for workforce success. And success in both academia and industry would require that you are well equipped with not just superior technical skills but also in other skills to work in diversity. In line with this recognition, UCSI University has created a set of complementary skill program that serves to bridge the gap between a fresh graduate and workforce success. These programs are carefully designed and crafted by our faculties to equip students with the necessary skills that are important and widely applicable for all elements of workforce success”.




MargaretSooMargaret Soo
Centre for Languages


“One of the key competencies all university students and job-seekers need to have is the ability to communicate well. Effective inter-personal communication includes harnessing language skills through speaking, listening, reading and writing, as well as paying attention to personal grooming, social etiquette and personal finesse. Between two persons pitching for a job, one with better communication skills often stands a better chance of being noticed and considered. In an increasingly globalized and competitive world, having subject matter knowledge or skills is no longer enough to help get us a job; unless we have that “extra edge” that differentiates us from the average, we will find it difficult to land ourselves with the opportunities we deserve. Wait no longer – here are some short courses to help you develop the “extra edge” in communication. By helping you develop new communication skills in small doses, we are certain that you will be a better communicator someday.”