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The content that I received from “Introduction to Research Methodology” was relevant and applicable. The knowledge that I gained is essential for my future endeavours. The instructors shared plenty of their work experiences which we can learn from. 

Lim Li Win

(currently pursuing the Bachelor of Pharmacy)

The content from the “Introduction to Research Methodology” was relevant and I can use this knowledge in the future when I want to carry out a research. From this course, I got to know more about the tools that are available and what is helpful in the research field. 

Tiong Shu Ting

(currently pursuing the Bachelor of Pharmacy)

This class helped me to understand the basics of soap making. This is a knowledge I will apply for my future business plans. 

Choo Wen Jing

(Alumna of UCSI University: Bachelor of Business Administration)

I learned how to make soap and will use this knowledge to make my own soap at home. As it was only a small group of participants, we were able to interact with the instructor very well. He guided us along with the procedures. It was a good learning experience for me. 

Phang Thing Theng

(currently pursuing the Bachelor of Pharmacy)

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